SVS Hosts Scoping Clinic with Dr. Jack Snyder

posted: 3/18/2010

scoping clinic.jpg

On Wed. February 17, SVS hosted a gastric scoping clinic. A team of Veterinarians and assistants from the U.C. Davis large animal clinic headed by Jack Snyder DVM, PHD, Diplomat ACVS arrived at 9 in the morning and worked all day scoping over 40 horses. Dr. Snyder is one of the most experienced Veterinarians in the world working with horses with gastric ulcers and the effects they can have on the animals well being and performance. Starting in the 1990s he worked with the drug company Meriel gathering information on ulcers and how to treat them. This helped with the development of Gastroguard, the ulcer medicine for horses which uses Omeprazole (the same drug found in the human drug Prilosec). Symptoms ulcers can show in horses are not eating well, poor coat condition, difficulty keeping on weight and intermittent colic. Scientific studies suggest that ulcers can also shorten the length of a horse’s stride which from a performance standpoint is very significant.

The team used a 3 meter video endoscope which was inserted into each horse’s nose, passed through the esophagus and into its stomach. Viewing on a large monitor allowed them to look for ulcers and grade their severity. Of the 40 horses scoped approx. 17 had ulcers significant enough that we felt they should be treated. Of those 17, 5 had ulcers that were considered moderate to severe and those horses will have to be treated with higher levels of medication. As a professional trainer, what made this valuable was having such experienced specialists working on our horses with top quality equipment. This allowed us to make a specific diagnosis on all the horses and feel confident in the treatment we decided upon for each. Everybody at SVS (and your horses) thank all that participated and especially the team from U.C. Davis.

Abbygayle has a Baby!

posted: 3/15/2010

Abbys baby.jpg

Abbygayle, Helen McEvoy's beautiful and successful hunter mare, gave birth this morning to a beautiful bay filly. She has a big blaze and three white socks. She is big, gorgeous and healthy. Abby is doing great and is super sweet with her. Avery and the baby were playing in the stall together and she was happily enjoying her paddock cakes that Ira had brought.

Success at Thermal

posted: 2/22/2010

photo barn.jpg

Thermal was a great success and great weather. Check out all of the champions on the results page!

SVS Welcomes Swingtime

posted: 2/22/2010


SVS welcomes Swingtime. Thermal Midcircuit Champion Low hunter, Circuit Champion Modified Junior Hunter with Avery Hellman. Thermal Champion A/A hunter Week 3, and winner A/A Hunter Classic Week 3 with Olivia Hellman. Thank you to Alicia Johnson for such a great horse.

Leased - Valentine

posted: 2/22/2010

good valentine.jpg

Congratulations to Kaylee Rooney on the lease of Valentine. Thank you Bob Walker and Edgewood Equestrians.

SVS Welcomes Chance of Flurries

posted: 2/22/2010


Congrats to Helen McEvoy on the lease of Chance of Flurries. Thank you to John French and the Leak family for this wonderful horse!

Congratulations to SVS NorCal Year-End Award Winners

posted: 1/24/2010

NorCal banquet.jpg

Rienzo & Sarah Draxton
Champion Children’s Hunters 13 & Under
Reserve Champion 1st Yr Green Hunters

Campari & Helen McEvoy
Champion 2nd Yr Green/Regular Working Hunters
7th Junior Hunters 15 - 17

Lottie & Madison Bradshaw
Champion Mod Jr/Am Jumpers
9th Children’s Jumpers 14 & Under

Franklin & Helen McEvoy
Champion Junior Hunters 15 – 17

Jill Stevens & Knimbus
Champion Equitation 15 - 17

Sarah Draxton & High Resolution
Reserve Champion Children’s Hunters 13 & Under
6th Equitation 12 – 14
10th 1st Yr Green Hunters

Isabella Batki & Play With Me
Reserve Champion Large Pony Hunters
5th Pony Equitation

Tonya Johnston
3rd Equitation 36 & Over

Roccoco & Avery Hellman
3rd Pre-Green Hunters

Firenze & Jill Stevens
4th Junior Hunters 15 - 17

Tracy Stevens & Ollivander
5th Equitation 18 - 35

Winter & Avery Hellman
5th Junior Hunters 15 - 17
8th 1st Yr Green Hunters

Tessa & Courtney Sibert
5th 2nd Yr Green/Regular Working Hunters
6th A/O Hunters 18 – 35

Alezan & Lucy Sogard
6th Children’s Hunters 13 & Under

Madison Bradshaw & MacIntosh
7th Equitation 12 - 14

Daire Me & Iliana Olson
7th Large Pony Hunters

Calmo & Andrea Oneto
8th A/A Jumpers 18 – 40

Craig 2 & Andrea Oneto
8th A/O Hunters 18 – 35
9th A/A Hunters 18 – 35

Lucy Sogard & Kodachrome
9th Equitation 12 - 14

Corralino & Madison Bradshaw
9th Mod Jr/Am Jumpers

VDL Rolex & Sarah Hellman
10th A/A Hunters 18 - 35

Belle Fleur & Avery Hellman
10th 2nd Yr Green Hunters

Congratulations to SVS PCHA Year-End Awards

posted: 1/16/2010


Rienzo & Sarah Draxton
Champion Region 2 Children's Working Hunters 13 & Under
Reserve Champion Region 2 Green Working Hunter

Lottie & Madison Bradshaw
Champion "A" Mod Jr/Am Jumpers
2009 High-Scoring Mod Jr/Am Jumper

Tessa & Courtney Sibert
Champion Region 2 Regular Working Hunter
3rd Region 2 Amateur Owner Hunter

Knimbus & Jill Stevens
Champion Region 2 Equitation 15 - 17
3rd "A" Equitation 15 - 17

Franklin & Helen McEvoy
Champion Region 2 Jr Working Hunters 15 - 17

Winter & Avery Hellman
Reserve Champion "A" First Year Green Working Hunter

High Resolution & Sarah Draxton
Reserve Champion Region 2 Children's Working Hunters 13 & Under

Play with Me & Isabella Batki
3rd Region 2 Pony Hunter Seat Equitation

Educational Videos Added to SVS Website

posted: 12/14/2009

Please check out the 12 new educational videos Hope and Ned created with the help of The videos can all be seen by clicking on "Videos" on the right tool bar of the SVS website. All of videos are short, relevant and informative. Enjoy!!


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